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At Hazard Communications Inc., we offer a variety of e-commerce solutions for the small business. Contrary to common belief, e-commerce need not be complicated. The solutions we offer could be as simple as an on-line catalog to a real-time order processing website that seamlessly integrates to the existing systems in your business. E-commerce need not be costly either because our solutions are the most cost-effective and are scalable from small businesses to the medium enterprise level.

For those who already have a website and are looking to process online sales in real-time, you will need a merchant account for processing credit card orders online. If you already have a merchant account for your business, there is a good chance your account is not approved for Internet sales. As such, you will need to obtain a seperate account to handle Internet sales. If you are unfamiliar with the workings of e-commerce, you may find the process quite confusing. If you require assistance, please contact one of our sales consultants today and we will walk you through the entire process.

Don't lose another sale because you don't take credit cards. Your business can be accepting credit cards on your website! We have made the process of accepting credit card one of the easiest available on the Internet. You simply complete our application and we will begin the approval process. It's that simple.

Accept Credit Cards
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Hazard Comm Inc. Merchant & Gateway Accounts Include
  • Real-time Credit Card Processing
  • World Class Fraud Protection
  • Customizable Fraudshield Module
  • Browser-based eTerminal
  • Fast and Efficient Application Process
  • 99% Approval Rate
  • Real-time Reports
  • Web APIs (COM, Perl, Java, etc)
  • Integration with Many Shopping Carts

    We have made the merchant account process simple and easy for Canadian and US merchants. Contact us today as we have the experience and expertise necessary to help you get your website processing credit cards real-time!

    To order by phone, please call our sales department
    at (604) 803-7355 during regular office hours.