The Peter C. Band

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The Peter C. Band has had many different faces over its 10 year existence, the latest has Peter C joining up with his on-again off-again drummer Joe Hazard as well as a brand new lead guitarist Maarten Ene.Filling up the bottom end is bassist Paul Mainstone a long time friend of Peter
C's who's original instrument is actually Mandolin. The current line-upis dynamic, with Maarten Ene playing lead guitar almost entirely through the songs while Joe Hazard has adopted the steady simple driving beat style to hold it all together. Keep your eye out for their debut CD sometime in the spring of 2003, recording should commence this fall at Greenhouse Studios and will be a self produced effort, with guest producers on two or three of the tracks.

Heres Some MP3's

Directional Girl
Continental Shuffle
Little Hills Of Georgia
Wild Blue Yonder

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