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The  Hazard  Group  builds Internet Audio  &  Video across  all platforms.   Whether we are developing a few seconds of  sound design  or a robust  audio/video  environment  for  a  website  or interactive  CD-Rom  production,  the  emphasis  is  always   on quality.

A while ago  we noticed  that even  the  most  exciting  corporate logo has a tendency to lie  around lifelessly  on  the web. We call the  fix  for  this  condition  "Hazard Audio",  but  behind  closed doors  we call it : "the big bang" because it will give our  clients a powerful  branding  tool, and deliver lots of BANG for the buck.

Working   closely  with   your  marketing   team,  ad   agency  or branding  company,  we  will  energize  your logo with first class animation  and  integration of  an exclusive  AudioID, creating  a unique  audio brand recognition across all Internet and CD ROM platforms. As  audio  & video  specialists well versed  with Flash we can take a project from concept through to delivery for an ID that is specifically designed for a robust, action packed site.

For  the  people  who  are  developing  now  for  broadband,   A "Hazard  Total  Project "  generally   entails   the  creation   of  a complete   sound   environment,   encompassing   music,  video, design, narration, streaming and webcasting resulting in a robust, action packed website.

If your building for  broadband or CD ROM, you know that just a little  sound  won't do, we're  talking atmosphere, we're talking about integrated audio wall-to-wall. Very exciting, but potentially dangerous,  unless you take  advantage  of  The Hazard Group's immense technical expertise and creative punch. You will indeed have  all   the  advantages  of  an  in - house  web  audio / video department. 

With the recent implementation of our Client Area, all our clients projects  are  now  available  instantly  for downloading,  testing, viewing,  listening,  proofing,  critiquing etc.,  keeping   everyone involved, and on the same page ! 

The Hazard Group's  password-protected  worksite  allows us to collaborate with our clients as  if we  were  under the same roof. We   give    them  the    ability  to   review  our  progress,  make comments,  suggest  changes   or   indicate   that  it  meets   their approval. Additionally, we make sure that the audio/video can be reviewed within the targeted context, such as Flash, Shockwave, Quicktime,   RealPlayer,  Window's   Media  Player  or  HTML pages. Whether the client is across town or across an ocean, our worksite will facilitate a close working relationship.